How to select a balance bikes for 2 – year- old child

Learning to cycle at the age of 2 is a good idea. Thanks to balance bikes, your kids can get used to cycling in a safer way than studying the pedal, they can learn the basic skills of riding a bike and feel more confident in the future. But most parents find that buying the best balance bikes that can suit with the child is quite difficult. Here are some techniques from balance bikes for toddler reviews that parents can follow so as to get the suitable bicycle for their children. Continue reading

Kinds of effect pedals for electric guitars

Looking at your idols performing on the stage, listening to the music they bring and seeing the miracle of music, it is natural that you are a music lover. Then, one day, you think of playing the music yourself, you nurse the dream of becoming a rock star! Having decided to buy yourself an excellent electric guitar, you have read a lot about how to choose a good one. Then, you hear someone mentioning effect pedals. They say you should buy best delay pedals, the best equalizer pedal and the best… what? What? What are those? What do they do? Well, in this article, we will tell you kinds of effect pedals, which will make the music you play yours, very yours.

Effect pedals, which can also be called “fuzz” is one of the appliances that can be used to distort the sound of the electric guitars, adding personal colors and wishes into the music the guitarists play. Professional electric guitarists always say that without effect pedals, the electric guitar is no where different from a children’s toy.

There are two kinds of effect pedal, if functionally distinguished: The Multi- effect pedal and Compact pedal ( orStompbox).

Multi-effect pedal

Delay-Pedal 1

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What are the best balance bikes within a suitable price for your kid? Do you have time to read thousands of best balance bikes reviews and then so around most of bike shops in the city to look for the exact one you decided to purchase.

bikes 1

There are thousands of options for parents to choose with price ranging from one hundred to even thousands dollars. In most cases, they just need to choose one within their budget with different style and quality. However, options come along with confusions. A five star rating on any selling site does not mean that the bike is awesome. Many parents are tricked into believing that it is the best seller means the best option.

For example, a smart gear balance bike is rather popular on Amazon with an average price of around $100. The problem is that there are many reviews on this bike. However, the review is about the balance bike concept, not about the bikes itself, which lures people into thinking that the bike is good for children to learn riding a bike.

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Rock in Rio Blue Birds or World Cup?

If you watched Rio – a famous cartoon or watched the 2014 World Cup – the 20th quadrennial global championship which is held in Brazil, you will know what the title means. Rio de Janeiro is the beutiful city in Brazil and in this article, we will not mention blue birds or World Cup, we will talk about another aspect is outdoor music festival named Rock in Rio – a splendid place for music fans to meet each other and enjoy their favourite music genres.


To look at its name, we can guess the main genre of this festival is rock, however, it is not the only one. In addition to rock, we also have indie, pop, heavy mental with a diversity of notable artists, you can immerse yourself in the glamor music. In order to have a general view of the festival, we will come from the root – the festival’s history.

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Coachella One of the largest global music festival



There are a majority of famous outdoor music festivals in the world such as Tomorrowland , Ultra Music Festival , Glastonbury, Coachella, Rock in Rio and so on, however, in this article, we will introduce only one of the best global outdoor music festivals – Coachella (1). You will be surprised at its considerable scale, electric atmosphere, wonderful art displays when you attend Coachella in Indio, California.

You maybe know it by other names: the Coachella Festival, but its full name is the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival which tell every thing about this festival – an annual festival in a valley names Coachella with music and arts. The festival was created by Paul Tollett in 1999 and the location of this festival is the Empire Polo Field in Indio, California, the United States on two day: 9th and 10th of October. Nevertheless, the Coachella’s organizer is Goldenvoice promoting concerts and festivals.

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Ultra Music Festival (UMF)

What do you know?

You have free time, you want to do some music outdoor activities and you want to burn yourself with music, let’s attend one of the most famous electronic music festival in the world Ultra Music Festival where you can enjoy the music with your old friends, new friends who love the music, love the madness and love adventurous experience. In addition, you will have a valuable chance to meet several nobtale DJs around the world and dance in the fascinated music. In this article, we will help you have some basic information of Ultra Music Festival.


Ultra Music Festival has held every year since 1999 and links to Winter Music Conference. At the beginning, it is created by Alex Omes and Russell Faibisch in Miami, Florida, the United States, however, now it becomes wider to a majority of countries such as Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Seoul, Korea; Croatia, Europe; Tokyo, Japan; Bali, Indonesia; Ibiza, Spain; Santiago, Chile; Brazil; Bangkok, Thailand; Macau, China; Singapore, Republic of Singapore; Taipei city, Taiwan; Manila, Philipines; San Juan, Puerto Rico; Santa Cruz, Bolovia; Lima, Peru; Asunción, Paraguay. From the list of countries where the festival is organized, you can choose the nearest place in order to attend.

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Tomorrowland – Magic art displays

Do you love music and want to experience one of the most famous global electronic music festival in order to discover the rest of you, the rest of the beatiful world and get rid of stress? If your answer is yes, Tomorrowland is the place you are finding.


First of all, we will come from its history – an important thing you need to know before discover other features. The first time it emerged on August 14, 2005 with the main genre in the festival is Electronic Dance Music and now it becomes one of the most popular music festival in the world. It is held by ID&T – a famous Dutch media company and do you know that at that time open free for everyone, because like other new festivals, Tomorrowland needed to attact visitors , however, now its tickets are very high which is deserve for what the organizers have built. In 2013, Tomorrowland’s tickets were sold out in one music note, it means they were sold out very quickly in only 5 seconds.

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Famous music outdoor festival in the world

Music is always a best way to relax, relieve stress and enjoy the life. This is the reason why there are a majority of music festivals in the world and a lot of people feel extremely exciting when they attend music festivals no matter how far they have to go or how expensive tickets are. In order to help you find easy to choose a good destination for music festival, in this article, we will make a list of famous music festivals in all many countries around the world, as well as their offical website. Check it out!

1. Glastonbury


 This music festival is held in the United Kingdom at the weekend, therefore, you can arrange your timetable to attend it easily, especially in June – the Mid Summer for 5 days. Glatonbury hosts theatre, cabaret, dance, circus, comedy  and others. when you join this music festival, you can meet and have top rock and pop artists’ signature. Do you know that music album and films recorded at Glastonbury music festival will be released and it is considerd as the most famous music festivals in Europe. Its offical website is Glastonbury festival.

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